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On Friday, April 3rd, the Community Archives will be closed for the Good Friday holiday. Regular hours of operation will resume the following week. If you wish to visit the archives on April 9th or the 10th, please Email the archives or leave a telephone message and you will be contacted by staff. We look forward to assisting you.

Through visitors to the Archives this week, more information about the history of Mission's oldest commercial building - historically known as the Windebank Block which is located 32995 First Avenue - was discovered.

As a result of an inquiry by a local resident, resources in the Mission Community Archives revealed that in 1960, the building was known as the Thomas Block and had rooms available to rent as an office or suite. An ad placed in the local newspaper stated: "No children, careless or indifferent people. We cater to the best and will continue to do so." (Fraser Valley Record : February 10, 1960). The following year, the owner - Mr. Thomas - appeared before council requesting to make "a motor hotel of the building" which was approved (Fraser Valley Record : April 19, 1961).

Another visitor viewing the Archives new exhibit - Meet Me on Main Street - recalled how the building once housed the Lighthouse restaurant where she worked during the 1950s. Coincidently while conducting some other research Archivist Val Billesberger discovered an uncatalogued photo of the building when it was a restaurant. If you or anyone you know can provide more information about or photographs of the Lighthouse, please email the archivist, Val Billesberger.

Lighthouse Restaurant
Fraser Valley Record fonds
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Glimpses of the Past: 1934

Kudo family fonds / Mission Community Archives

MISSION JAPANESE PIONEER FAMILY Minoru and Hatsune Kudo with their children from left to right: Margaret, Jack, Roland, Joyce and Alice who have a street named after them. The family photograph was taken in front of the Japanese Language School - the present day Mission Montessori Dewdney Trunk Preschool - where both Mr. and Mrs. Kudo taught from 1930 to 1941. Mr. Kudo settled in Mission in 1911 on a seventeen acre farm and became one of the most influential members of the community. Watch for a future Street Story about this family.

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